Loa – Chapter 1 (Physical Copy)


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Osric ‘Oz’ Irons. Bouncer by trade. Demi-god by blood. Fighter by nature. Youngest son of Ogun, Yoruba god of smiths and war. Born and raised in the enigmatic urban sprawl of Perdido Angelus, Oz and his older brother, Lyric, learned first-hand the struggle of life among humanity. Where his brother saw a milieu of bottomless cruelty and base self-interest to be exploited, Oz saw a procession of determination and resilience to be admired.

Oz’s love for his human family, rooftop BBQ’s, PS4, action flicks, junk food and watching the city skyline with his equally otherworldly beloved, Penny, comes to an abrupt end upon finding himself at the center of a brewing war between the Rada and Petwo nanchons of Loa.

To protect his home and kin, Oz must hone his godly powers and dive into the fathomless realm(s) of Vodun. Mind, body and soul must be forged into iron if he is to prevent the impending carnage of not only the gods, but also the machinations of his brother.


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