About the writers

Alika “Ali Oku” Ebomah loves to write, books, songs, films, you name it, which at the very least has a bit of truth to it when you take a moment to consider the location of this sentence. A Nigerian-American father, author, college graduate, screenwriter, songwriter and pianist from Los Angeles, CA. He’s an avid reader of the literary, admirer of the artistic, watcher of the cinematic and will always put an immense amount of passion, energy and creativity into everything he devotes himself to.  

Andrew Harrell is an American writer/author, having been immersed in tales of fantasy, sci-fi and cinema from an early childhood. When not working on creative projects, he functions as a professional blerd, part-time nutcase, and veteran comic book and toy collector in his native habitat of Los Angeles California. In his spare time he serves as an occasional adult and specialist in the field of day-dreaming and over-analyzation of everything from pop culture, to philosophy and the human condition.